Online Training

We have a range of short courses provided in an ‘on-demand webinar’ format.

Our online courses can be purchased individually.

Bulk discounts are available for organisations purchasing on behalf of 5 or more students – contact us for details.


Shared Understanding

Shared Understanding utilises an integration of risk awareness, quality risk assessment and collaboration to enable a more meaningful understanding of relevant factors impacting the client and their support system when navigating complex issues.

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Enhancing Safety

Enhancing Safety enables students to effectively collaborate with clients to apply evidence-based approaches to reducing risk, enhancing safety and promoting opportunities for growth.

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How to Stay S.A.F.E.R. with Escalating Clients

Whether anger is a result of psychosis, intoxication, frustration, invalidation, neglect or other drivers, there are easy to apply strategies informed by robust learnings, that are effective when working with angry clients. In this online webinar, we will explore research findings related to anger, the escalation cycle and introduce the highly effective, Stay S.A.F.E.R. method.

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Reflective Thinking and Awareness


This short online course with equip students with knowledge and skills in reflective thinking and awareness.

This will help to equip staff who work with people experiencing  a range of complex challenges including trauma.

The course is designed to support workers at risk of psychosocial hazards in their workplace, including vicarious trauma.


Recovering Function Building Hope

Exploring BPD & Complex Trauma

This practical course delivered in 2 pre recorded lessons, focuses in on building understanding and practical skills when working with people experiencing BPD and Complex Trauma. It is designed to support a more meaningful, boundaried and effective working relationship with the client. This includes situations of challenging engagement, problematic behaviours and risk of harm concerns.

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