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Working with Risk

the D.R.I.V.E.R.© Model


Approx. 6 hours – $330 per person 

Experience and evidence tells us that there are six key aspects to effective ‘working with risk’. Each of our ‘Working with Risk’ short courses focuses on one of these aspects. This course comprises all 6 short courses. It is available at a 30% discount compared to purchase of the short courses separately. This extensive course covers all 6 aspects, integrated into the D.R.I.V.E.R. © framework:

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Working with Risk

Decision Traps and how to avoid them


1 hour – $59 per person (free for Subscribers)

Effective working with risk requires high-quality, collaborative decision making. In this short course we outline the common ways in which decision-making in mental health work is derailed by biases of various kinds. We then outline a practical method for enhancing the quality of your decision-making

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Working with Risk

Working with the Relevant Evidence


1.5 hours – $79 per person

Research over the past three decades has greatly advanced our understanding of risk in mental health, particularly with respect to concerns about suicide, self-harm and violence. In this short course, we summarise the evidence base and provide practical guidance as to how to use this knowledge in everyday practice.

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Working with Risk

Working with Imposed Constraints


There is generally a substantial gap between the ‘real world’ and the ‘ideal world’ when working with risk in mental health services. In this short course we address the challenge of real-world constraints that are inevitably imposed when we apply our learnings at the coal-face.


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Working with Risk

Working with Values


Working with risk requires application of the known evidence to real-world challenges. However, this is only part of the task. All risk-related work is inherently value-laden. Mental health workers, clients, teams and services can vary substantially, in terms of which particular values are prioritised. In this short course we provide mental health workers with ways to enhance their awareness of competing and diverse values and outline methods for collaborative practice.

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Working with Risk

the S.H.A.R.E. © Approach


Our work with ‘risk’ is embedded within a broader system. Effectively working with risk therefore involves engagement of other elements within that system. This includes (most crucially) the client but may often extend to a broader network of colleagues, other services, carers and support persons, and others. In this short course we outline a practical values-based model for engagement of stakeholders, with special emphasis on collaborative working with clients.

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Working with Risk

Utilising Reflective Practice to enhance outcomes


Risk decisions are part of a dynamic process. Reviewing outcomes, revising decisions and reflecting on the impacts of our work (on both workers and clients) is central to optimising the quality of this process. In this webinar, we outline the fundamentals of reviewing outcomes, reflecting on important learnings and revising practice moving forward, in the context of risk decision making.

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Navigating Risk Empowering Recovery


3 hours – $119 per person

This breakthrough course is tailored specifically to the trending challenges experienced by mental health workers in embracing a recovery-focused approach to mental health work. This includes facing difficult and complex risk scenarios and medico-legal challenges utilising ‘Values Based Practice’ principles.


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“I really liked the practical aspect of doing what is right, not what we’re simply taught to do. Medical Practitioners often (in my opinion!) don’t receive the training in the area of complex mental health including BPD and this kind of seminar is really practically valuable… I can think of multiple patients where I will adjust some of the ways I’ll approach their care… I am optimistic this will help them as well as my anxiety and stress in my management.”

Stephanie Taylor
General Practitioner

Recovering Function Building Hope 

Exploring BPD & Complex Trauma


7 hours (3.5 hours pre-recorded + 3.5 hours live webinar) – $260 per person

This practical course focuses in on the key presenting features of BPD and Complex Trauma and effective ways to work with the client in a trauma informed and Recovery orientated context. It is designed to support more meaningful, boundaried and effective working relationships between the client, their workers and the care team.

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“I found this was the right amount of information for a Virtual platform. The pace was perfect, and graphics worked really well.”

Community Rehabilitation Support Worker

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