Project Description

Navigating Risk Empowering Recovery

3 hours – $139 per person (inclusive of GST)

This breakthrough course is tailored specifically to the trending challenges experienced by mental health workers in embracing a recovery-focused approach to mental health work. This includes facing difficult and complex risk scenarios and medico-legal challenges utilising ‘Values Based Practice’ principles.

Drawing upon the latest evidence base, this course delivers practical and applied learnings to mental health workers equipping them with improved knowledge, critical insights and a solid learning platform on which to build their skills and confidence.

The course is broken down into 3 carefully crafted and paced sessions;

  • Challenges to Safety
  • Enabling Understanding
  • Enabling Collaboration

You will learn:

  • How to apply risk assessment research findings to your practice
  • The role of ‘risk factors’ and ‘protective factors’ when working with risk
  • How to assist clients at risk of serious harm, by way of structured, evidence-based analysis of past behaviours
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