Project Description

Working with Risk

Working with Values

80 minutes – $87 (inclusive of GST) per person

Working with risk requires application of the known evidence to real-world challenges. However, this is only part of the task. All risk-related work is inherently value-laden. Mental health workers, clients, teams and services can vary substantially, in terms of which particular values are prioritised. In this short course we provide mental health workers with ways to enhance their awareness of competing and diverse values and outline methods for collaborative practice.

You will learn:

  • How a survey of Judges showed that risk-decisions hinge on values as well as evidence
  • The ‘Two Feet Principle’ of Values and Evidence
  • How values can help rather than hinder decision-making
  • The sources of values
  • How to raise awareness of hidden values and promote better collaborative working with clients, colleagues and other services
  • How ‘promotional’ Recovery-oriented values can be integrated with ‘preventive’ risk-management values
  • 6 ways to promote values-based practice, even (or especially!) when we can’t all agree
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