Project Description

Understanding Trauma, Responding to Trauma

Contemporary work in health, well-being and support settings requires workers to be informed about and responsive to trauma. This workshop will support workers to effectively navigate challenges faced when supporting clients who have been impacted by trauma.

Additionally, the workshop provides key considerations to trauma awareness and practice in everyday work settings, enabling a more trusting and safer experience for workers and clients, supporting safety and well-being considerations.


Participants will learn how to:

Understanding trauma and its impacts on the brain, mind, and body

• Understanding PTSD and CPTSD

• The role of Trauma Informed Care & Practice in supportive effective systems work

• How to improve effective engagement in stressful / challenging settings

• CHIME – as ‘guide rails’ for true recovery orientated work within a trauma context

• Key reflections relating to TICP

• Group discussion addressing challenges faced by participants with client’s experiencing or that have experienced trauma.

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