“I found this was the right amount of information for a Virtual platform. The pace was perfect, and graphics worked really well.”

Community Rehabilitation Support Worker

“Very engaging and informative, encouraged participation from all and spoke in language that was easy to understand.”

Peer support worker

“Brett was highly knowledgeable about the topics of discussion and was excellent at facilitating discussions between workers from various disciplines. He was also personable, genuine and humble with a good sense of humour. Furthermore, it was great to hear lived experiences from the insightful and resilient peer worker.”

Mental Health Worker

“Excellent workshop, engaging facilitators, knowledgeable and highly relevant.”

Forensic Clinical Specialist

“I really liked the practical aspect of doing what is right, not what we’re simply taught to do. Medical Practitioners often (in my opinion!) don’t receive the training in the area of complex mental health including BPD and this kind of seminar is really practically valuable… I can think of multiple patients where I will adjust some of the ways I’ll approach their care… I am optimistic this will help them as well as my anxiety and stress in my management.”

Stephanie Taylor
General Practitioner