Project Description

Recovering Function Building Hope

Exploring BPD & Complex Trauma

This practical course delivered in 2 pre recorded lessons, focuses in on building understanding and practical skills when working with people experiencing BPD and Complex Trauma. It is designed to support a more meaningful, boundaried and effective working relationship with the client. This includes situations of challenging engagement, problematic behaviours and risk of harm concerns.

Case examples and anecdotes are used to help demystify the relationship between trauma, attachment dysfunction and risk taking behaviour. Additionally, we explore important contexts regarding interpersonal challenges that will not only improve your understanding but also enable effective interventions.

You will learn:

  • Key features of BPD and Complex Trauma
  • Skills and strategies that support effective boundaries and respectful relationships
  • The Deliberate Self Harm cycle and how to use this as an effective tool with the client in the face of self harm concerns
  • The role of Trauma Informed Care & Practice in supportive effective systems work
  • How to navigate traps and pitfalls regarding risk concerns, impulsive behaviours and relationship challenges
  • CHIME – as ‘guiderails’ for true recovery orientated work
  • Effective crisis management strategies

“I really liked the practical aspect of doing what is right, not what we’re simply taught to do. Medical Practitioners often (in my opinion!) don’t receive the training in the area of complex mental health including BPD and this kind of seminar is really practically valuable… I can think of multiple patients where I will adjust some of the ways I’ll approach their care… I am optimistic this will help them as well as my anxiety and stress in my management.”

Stephanie Taylor
General Practitioner
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